50 Cent goes to Somalia

So rapper 50 Cent (accompanied by American journalists) was in Somalia and Kenya this week to visit people living in refugee camps displaced by the civil war with Islamic militants. Expect lots of ’50 in Somalia’ reports on US television. 50 Cent, who joins a long line of celebrities helping Africans (he is being touted as the 21st century celebrity humanitarian already) handed out food and danced with the children. He also had enough time to pose for what looks like a movie poster shot with children (above) and a soldier (below), and to promote his energy drink Street King. If his Facebook page receives 1 million “likes” by Sunday, 50 will donate an additional one million meals. And he’ll sell more Street King in the process. We’ve also learned something about Somalia in the process.



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. Well….I have learnt quite a bit about Somalia. It seems to have one million people who require meals. Since camps and Islam is mentioned…this Somalia place must be a city in Afghanistan…or maybe Iraq…..wait, it might be Pakistan! Yes….Pakistan…I mean, a soldier and all those women in the background wearing hijabs…hmmm!

    Seriously though, it seems Somalia may be the next South Sudan. The UK have already sent an Ambassador…afraid to be left out of all the action like they were in SS. I wonder, does fifty even know what al-shabab is?

    1. Somalia is its own country, its located on the east side of Africa close to the Indian ocean. no were near pakistan

  2. just had a thought….is fifty the next Bono/Geldof? If he is, would be interesting how that one would turn out. Of course the difference/irony here is fifty is selling his product to the very people who can’t afford to buy food and need his one million meals.

  3. 50 cent. Good joob.!!!keep it up. Nice to see that he is aware of the problems in Africa.

    EHM? proudly kenyan- Dont talk about things you dont know anythiiiiing about. Somalia has been the strongest african country(military). But has a lot of problems due to the civil war that has lasted in 20 years

      1. Somalia the strongest African country? What planet do you live on? This is typical Somali arrogance and blindness to the outside world – ironically the same inherent qualities that brought Somalia to the pitiful place she is now. Any culture that believes it is better than everyone else and refuses to learn from the outside world is doomed to failure. Such is the history of Somalia. I have many Somali friends who are some of my favorite people on earth – but they tend to be open-minded and have a well-balanced view of the world. Your kind of blind arrogance keeps Somalia in the mess that it is in.

  4. The only thing I see here (from those two pictures) is that it’s about 50cent being there as some kind of hero/saviour – the children in the BACKGROUND are just a wonderful visualization for that. If they were the reason he was there, the picture wouldn’t look that way – in my opinion. So it’s just PR. It’s not about the people, it’s just about 50.

  5. This man (50 cent) has always been an irrelevance in the grand scheme of things, and of little value except to those who like infantile, misogynist rap posing as entertaiment.
    His blatant attempt to indulge his bank balance at the expense of some of the poorest people on the planet is not just a simple embarrassment – it is a disgusting example of the worst traits of human nature, and as such, is a clear indication of the greedy nature of this execrable and unpleasant little man.

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