Afrikaner Bloods

Now and then I’ll scan the international media for reports about “heightening tensions between black and white South Africans.” They never disappoint. (Serious, try it.) Moreover, it seems to have become standard practice to believe and copy each other’s stories. (Incredibly, even Think Africa Press recently wrote tensions flared.) It made me wonder how reporters actually measure those tensions. I assume they rely on sensationalist South African press headlines about run-ins between black and white South African citizens (these stories usually come with blown-up quotes), or fancy documentaries like in the report above with sound-bite bylines such as “White South African teens wrestle with an uncertain identity … They learn they are their own people — not South Africans but Afrikaners” (remember we wrote about this story and called it ‘The Dutch Disease’, a month before a motion was submitted, and rejected, to the Dutch Parliament “asking the government to help stop racial discrimination against the Afrikaners in South Africa”; it now comes with a video). The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, one of the few organizations doing factual research on how South African relationships and attitudes evolve, paints a different picture — a picture that might be too complicated for print.



  1. Is there such a thing as racial discrimination against Afrikaners? I’m really trying hard to understand this video and believe what I just saw. Is it still possible that these astronomic levels of ignorance still exist? “The black is inferior because his brain weighs 120 grams less than a white man” or again” I am not ashamed to be a racist”.
    simply speechless….

    1. It’s a fringe element that takes it this far. You still encounter a lot of closet racism among some Afrikaner groups, but it’s not a rule across the culture. In fact, the majority of what you can call Afrikaners refuse to have any association with something like that. They are still outspoken and some take it a bit far – Steve Hoffmeyer from time to time says something outlandish, but so does Julius Malema. Yet this larger, more mainstream Afrikaner group is more concerned with retaining its cultural identity and not being sidelined in the new South Africa. Alas, often their fervour gets mistook for the actual crazies as those we see in the video. Afrikaners in general are not remotely supportive of the far right.

  2. These people need to be given refugees status and shipped off to some place else (think netherlands or belgium for language purposes) before they ruin themselves and others. Where is UNHCR??

  3. Can anyone kindly say whether Afrikaaners is the only ethnic group that suffers from discrimination in today’s South Africa?

    1. The Afrikaners and Boers are being discriminated in South-Africa. Almost all whites are now being excluded from the job market with the laws but I think English whites are also being discriminated against as well. Even the Chines immigrants in South-Africa are getting “black status” so that they will get a job over the native white people in South-Africa. A lot of white murders in South-Africa is racist based where the blacks would torture the whites before killing them.

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