Jay-Z's Black Republicanism

Jay-Z’s brand of Black Republicanism is now the subject of a sociology course at Georgetown University. Early insights: he “beat the system” and is “a businessman and a philanthropist who used to call himself a pimp.”  The professor is Michael Eric Dyson. I wonder how the course handles Jay Z’s ‘man of the people’ posture, his t-shirt politics and his dubious pan-Africanism. And he gets compared to Homer, Melville, Toni Morrison, Langston Hughes, Martin Scorcese and Francis Ford Coppola.



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. this feels like the furthest we can go in celebrity worship – bringing them into the classroom.
    why not just read his autobiography and listen to all his albums if you wanna get inspired by what hova can do for you?

  2. I have nothing against Michael Eric Dyson but this is bizarre. A whole class about Jay-Z??? And his comparison is silly, he can’t be serious. Still, Hip Hop definitely deserves to be treated as a serious subject in academia.

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