1. Earlier this year when I was telling friends and family that I was moving to Malawi, I found myself referencing to Madonna’s adoption of a Malawian kid to help them place it. Of course, they still wouldn’t know exactly where it was, so I found myself saying it’s midway between Kenya and South Africa (two places where I’d spent a lot of time in the past). I guess I need to refine that to, “I’m going to Madonnaland, it’s about midway between Obamaland and the Land of Bling”.

  2. Yeah, Kinna is right…we have our own stereotypes about each other (eg: South Africa sees Zimabawe as a source of waiters, and Malawi = gardeners)

    1. Hahahaha! I am Zimbabwean who started and is currently running a successful company which employs, trains, and empowers more than 100 Batswana nationals in Botswana; yet this is very true – here we are ALL simply seen as “economic/political” refugees if we choose to live outside of Zimbabwe – by our fellow Africans. A shame.

  3. Its a bit strange though that the Map above does not expose or reflect american envy for Africa’s rich wealth of natural resources. Eg there is no diamondland or such terms on the map. its certainly not just the penguines they love about this ‘country’

  4. Would be interesting to see a map of what Africans think of Europe and America – probably the two continents would be defined as “the land of milk and honey”

  5. Okay, Oh-kay
    The nasty continent!
    Let’s just scrap it from the world map for ten minutes, sink it under its surrounding waters.
    Pretend it doesn’t exist. Even better never exited!
    Ten minutes please!
    Then draw your own map of the world without it.
    Enjoy it!

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