Music Break. Friday Bonus Edition, N°1

Girl Power is big among female West African pop singers.  Or so recent music videos suggest. We’ve featured Goldie Harvey and Lousika (Ghana) here before. Now here’s two more. First up is Ghanaian Efya with “Sexy Sassy Wahala,” from the soundtrack of 10-part Ghanaian movie “Adams Apple“:

Next up is Nigerian singer Zara Gretti:

Related: Jogyo, one half of whom is from Gabon:

Unrelated: The Congolese-American (is there a meme here?) Hugo Million is building a following back in the DRC, while mixing party and political music (not unusual to Congolese artistes, of course). Here, from a few months ago, is “Benga Nzambe,” which takes a political tone and which is appropriate given the volatile climate around elections in the DRC now:

Finally, some French rap “made in Normandy!” HVJ du Coeff & Jeune Karn with “Les égouts de l’underground’:

H/T: Okayafrica, What’s Up Africa, Tom Devriendt



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  1. This month is the 30th anniversary of that iconic music channel MTV as they played their first video, “Video Killed the Radio Star.” This anniversary is nostalgic for me in a big way because I grew up on 80’s music. In my small Alabama hometown, the music videos of MTV transported me to far-away places I had only read about in text books.

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