1. "I think I want to go over there."
    "they need all the help they can get."


  2. oh great, self-less white hero comes to save hapless african victims. please spare me.
    (i would like to see if and how they develop the african characters though)

  3. @tee: I think I heard a white South African accent on one of the female characters (though the trailer made it seem they're mere love interests to our Machine Gun Preacher). This was also the idea in Blood Diamond.
    I also thought it was odd to Soulemane Sy Savane so brilliant in "Goodbye Solo" here playing what was the Djimon Hounsou part in Blood Diamonds.

  4. I think we should all get off our high horses and remember that this type of movie has been made for just about every combination of black people, white people, africans, middle easterners, people from harlem, Indiana, Texas, Alaska, the middle of the amazon, my backyard, your backyard, Mars, etc. imaginable. This movie is about a guy finding himself by helping kids (with a machine gun…), where they are located really doesn't matter – which is proven by how many times this plotline has been repeated.

  5. This is garbage.
    There is a movie about some blacks guys leaving afrika and retrieving some of our goods stolen by white people, anyone knows the name?

  6. Machine Gun Preacher could do serious damage to the improving image of Africa in America and actually endanger people on the ground. It also perverts the image of Christianity. I find it despicable that Christians actually support this movie.

  7. I actually saw this trailer while waiting to see "The Debt" and could not believe my eyes and ears. Amazing. This is a cliche wrapped in a dubious premise wrapped in a feel-good layer of crunchy Christianity. Yuck.

  8. Cowboys and Indians. Rehashed. Trash. Unfortunately films like these are feeding a generation of American "do-gooders" a set of "moral" convictions.

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