50 Cent Wants to Help Africa

Remember when rapper 50 Cent announced that he would try to provide 1 billion meals over the next five years to poor Africans? His strategy: make some money while “helping” Africans. Watch the video. With every shot you purchase of his new energy drink, Street King, “a meal is provided for a child in need.”

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Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. I'm not really surprised that 50 believes feeding a billion children actually "solves poverty." I think that's a pretty common understanding of how poverty alleviation works (they just don't have enough food!). I am a little surprised that he's drinking the "help the starving Africans" Kool-Aid. Maybe I was a little naive to believe his personal narrative…but I just thought that he'd be more resistant to a self-important aid project.

    Also, I get the whole using-rampant-consumerism-to-support-good-causes model. I actually think it's pretty crafty considering that people love being rewarded for doing "good" things. I'm just bothered by the way so many of these organizations spin simplistic narratives of poverty and hopelessness to evoke an emotional response. It's counterproductive. But, then again, maybe they're not concerned about that. After all, helping Africans is hip and cool and will do wonders for your brand. Everybody wins. Except, you know, the people you say you want to help.

    Any way, I'm finished ranting. Thanks for this!

  2. "Thats mighty humble of (half a dollar). All the millions he has he wants you to buy his drink to make him richer and to feed a starving brother and sister from the motherland."


  3. Wouldn’t it be better if he used the money to make the people in Africa a little more self sufficient, or to educate them about working together? I’ve been to Africa multiple times.. and the problem over there is that they don’t know how to organize and work together like people in the West do. Teaching them how would help them much more then just giving them a meal.. so they will be hungry again 6 hours after the consumed that meal.

    But like said before.. at least he’s doing something!

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