1. The Nigerian Nostalgia project is awesome. Though much taken, of late, by photographs and memoirs of the Nigerian Civil War its interesting digressions into old adverts, brands, politicians, soldiers ( can't do Nigeria without them), musicians and artists have added new insights to old platitudes. It has even attracted the odd colonial expat to reminisce about bygone times. I recommend strongly.

    1. Please e-mail me at jcumes@chello.at so that I can e-mail back to you a photo of an Honour Guard ar Nsukka in August 1965. It will be the first photo in my book on my experiences in Nigeria as High Commissioner in the 1960s.
      Best wishes.

  2. My book “Conflict of Brothers” has been published by Amazon Kindle Publishers this morning 9 April 2012. Its publication as a printed book will follow in a few weeks – if the response to the Kindle is encouraging.
    I hope that Nigerians – and others! – will read it even if they have to get themselves a Kindle reader. “Conflict of Brothers” might also be available on some “Apps” although I cannot guarantee that.
    Please let me have your comments. I would appreciate them enormously – the good and the not-so-good.
    I wait to hear from you.
    All best wishes.

    James Cumesl

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