June 26th, Madagascar

Today is the 51st anniversary of Malagasi independence. Things could have been better for its citizens. What with being governed by a former radio DJ and its army and with threats that Western governments and aid agencies will withdraw financial support. Anyway, we’re celebrating. For the sake of the Malagasy people. This is also the start of a new regular gig where we’ll celebrate a country’s independence day by featuring some of the music of its young people. We had a harder time coming up with the short list below (we had an easy time with South Africa’s Youth Day (June 16th) and yesterday’s Mozambique Independence Day), but we found plenty of great stuff available. So here we go. (If we missed anything, let us know.)


K.F.R. feat. KIM:



Volkany Sound:




  1. Hey, I love the post and the Madagascar love. I just returned to the USA after three years in Madagascar, and here are some other of the popular newer songs:

    "Samy Mahery" by Tence Mena (she is super-popular right now)

    "Tsinjaka Triatria" by Big MJ (probably the biggest rapper in Madagascar currently)

    "Afindrafindrao" by Oladada (You mentioned Oladad already, but this is their remix of the traditional Malagasy dance song)

    Finally, just type in Jerry Marcoss and enjoy all of his classics…

    Ok, I'm sure your Malagasy readers can offer more! PS love the blog…

  2. @ Chris: I agree with Tom, the Tence Mena video is great! All those hair-, I mean, costume changes. Wait til Beyoncé sees this. ;-)

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