The Restaurant Manager

If you missed this: Lilian Thuram, the former footballer who won a World Cup medal with France in 1998 and sometimes philosopher, was in Brussels last week to promote his anti-racism campaign. While having lunch at a restaurant, the staff there told him that the toilets were “reserved for clients.” The manager David Martin is quoted as saying it is all a “misunderstanding,” and “… we didn’t know he was a client and I admit I didn’t recognise him. There was no wilful discrimination.”

Martin has offered his apologies:

I also told him I would love to cook for him. But (Thuram) didn’t want to stay. I really regret I am being accused of racism. I grew up among Algerians in this neigborhood and I have two blacks and a Morrocan guy working in my kitchen.



More here and here.

Tom Devriendt

Tom Devriendt was an editor of Africa is a Country.

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