Gil Scott Heron

Gil Scott Heron, who rejected the tag as the original hip hop artist, died on Friday afternoon. He had fallen ill while on tour.  This video, which gives a good overview of Scott-Heron’s life, is from a 2009 BBC Newsnight feature.  Part 2 is below.

See also the 2004 documentary “The Godfather of Soul” as well as the 2010 New Yorker article on Scott-Heron’s drug addiction.

As a bonus, here’s my favorite Scott-Heron tune:



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. I remember visiting family in the late 70s, and Gil Scott's "Johannesburg" although officially banned, could be heard everywhere in Woodstock, Salt River, Plumstead and Observatory.

    So Long Chief.

  2. I saw Gill scott herron at a concert last April in Minneapolis. I was most thrilled to be in the company of this great "spirit" I feel his spirit today and it shall forever be within me. Thanks Mr. Herron for teaching us some things about life with your Life! Rosa Bogar

  3. I heard the beat although I was not there today in New York City for your homegoing. Your beat MR GIL SCOTT HERRON will go on and on and on in my heart forever.You made us listen to your beat even when you were not saying nothing. i thank you for that! Rosa Bogar

  4. Gil Scott Heron ,said, "no matter how far you go,you can always,turn around" but, I say "when you go too far,there is no turning back" just a though, to ponder. One can not live without thinking Think about it. See .you are Thinking! I thank you for that Stay alive! Rosa Bogar

  5. I was in NYC most recently I thought about Gill Scott Heron.He will always be remembered.,for life causes us to forget so much to soon.I had the great opportunity to visit the Schomburg Center and visited with the new director Dr. Muhammad. His vision for young people is so "right on time" They are our future and the future is yesterday.not thirty years away! Let us celebrate it Now!

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