Postapartheid Ideology

The video for “Go Getter,” by Johannesburg’s MB featuring Malika, which I saw playing once or twice on a TV in the background (TV’s are always on in people’s houses there) while in South Africa earlier this year. Pay attention.  Here’s the refrain: “You need to let it go/go get it/go get it.”

Let it go? and go get what? That’s when you notice that for the people they actually show, this sort of positivism may not be, er, realistic: the ice cream man, the street sweeper, and the people standing against the wall, checking the paper for…wanted ads?



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

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  1. There's a fascinating mindset taking root deep within the psyches of far too many people – people who should by now know a helluva lot better – that if I'm merely positive and repeat my it'll-get-better, I-deserve-it mantra, some magical fairy will wave her wand and, abracadabra, I WILL have it all.

    In counselling and supporting deeply depressed and suicidal sufferers and conducting workshop for caregivers, we've encountered this, a variant of the Entitlement Syndrome, for deepest rural Pondoland and Zululand to the Green Kalahari and the Karoo and even in wastelands of inner-cities. Unsatisfied, this mindset leads to violence – either against others or against oneself.

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