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I can’t think of any other South African artist right now who’s got a bigger following outside of South Africa than DJ and producer Black Coffee. Kwaito might sell in South Africa and its neighboring countries, Black Coffee really delivers his house music also beyond the continent’s borders. Reasons for his success are obvious. These two new videos pretty much sum it up: smart collaborations, clean production, catchy hooks, breezy vibes.

Tom Devriendt



  1. more like middle class vibes, apparently there's a lot of those around these days…his sound is heavily repetitive, plus i feel like i should be in a lounge or something, which a place i wouldn't dare to be caught in…
    im personally more keen to the likes of "the very best" who actually has a new mixtape out super awesome stuff!!!

  2. These are nice tunes. I just think I'd emphasize the fact that there is a definite pan-Black love of Deep House that seems to be going on. There are scenes in Holland, the UK, SA, Angola, Mozambique, the US. It can be also seen in that Siji video that we posted and is making the rounds. The whole Afro-Beat House thing too, Rich Medina et al.

    It's an optimism and nostalgia (back to perhaps the Harlem Renaissance?) that middle class Blacks across the world are connecting with. It's not overt, but I just see something in the way people are connecting with it. In New York there's this party called Libation that embodies this spirit. House music as true expression of black freedom (also freedom to spend and be a consumer, re: the middle class nature of it). Especially since hip hop has been so co-opted and defined (Although I think Lil' B and in some ways Odd Future are examples that would go against the corporate status-quo, albeit with their own complexities in relation to market and audience.)

    That said, it's also funny that in parallel to the Spoek video we talked about earlier, there is a spirituality element in the scene, at least in the states. It's like channeling of the spirituality within the audience. Ancestor worship, Yoruba, Voodoo, Santeria, etc, etc. I don't really see these things overtly in the SA videos, but I've heard a friend who lived in Tanzania say that similar sentiments exist there.

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