How much do the Burkinabe artisans get?

Produced in a limited edition [and costing $1,720.00], with each piece unique, the ‘Muse Two Artisanal Recycled’ bag marries the savoir-faire of Yves Saint Laurent leather goods with the artisanal handiwork of women from Burkina Faso.

H/T: Matt Kirwin



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. I believe the appropriate question is, what is the Government of Burkina Faso doing to protect the rights of the Burkinabe women to guarantee that they get a fair price for their artesanal handiwork?

  2. I have seen these at the market in Ouagadougou for $60 – $80 and then they still have to pay rent for their stalls

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