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Last December I met the impressive Omoyele Sowore, founder of Nigerian online news site, Sahara Reporters. I was chairing an independent media panel in Brooklyn ahead of the World Social Forum in Dakar. Sowore was one of the panelists.  Based in New York City, Sahara Reporters have broken a number of big stories, including events around the country’s former president Umaru Yar’Adua’s sudden passing in 2009.  This profile by Al Jazeera English’s media criticsm program, “Listening Post,” reviews Sahara Reporters’ history and impact, but the reporter Yvonne Ndege also takes advantage of her position to settle scores over Sahara Reporters’ criticism of her reporting of attempts by the family and supporters of the then-unconscious, now deceased Nigerian President Umaru Yar Adua, to insist that he was in good heath and still able to govern the country.



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. Please what is EFCC doing for me i say nothing because not long ago the present IGP of nigeria bought a house in Asokoro wourth over three hndred million niara where did he het the money from? this is just a small case compared to the many others going on out there. Government officials are stilling our money and nothing is happening about it why????

  2. Sweet Ada, I've been up following the Nigerian ellection returns, on Chanellstv, in other words am trying not to hav my heart broken for Nigeria, as I used to get. Today am very well a little hopeful, not as broken hearted as I used to get.
    I love politics as a game of strategy, not a practicing politician, I don't think I can handle that – very stinky down there.
    I noticed a while back, that as a people, we Nigerians are never outraged, and we have "Hunger and Deprivation" induced state of apathy. One thousand Naira would buy you a vote in this election, and for 200 Naira each you can get a horde of hungry teenagers to go out and kill, for reasons they don't even understand.
    Nigeria is a nation of brilliant people being bossed arround by a pack of scared, greedy, 2-digit IQ ex-hulligans. Their machevillian style of leadership tells them to keep the "People" poor, hungry and ignorant, and feed them with rice, a naira or two every four years.
    This ellection has whittled this down tremendouly, in my opinion. The wind of change is blowing. It did not touch my part of the country, but my people have had this type of problems since ndependence. Ada beleive me when I say it shall change, not looking at any crystal ball, but that Atlantic breeze from the south west, and easterlies from the north will converge in the troughs of the Niger and the Benue, and we shall sing and dance in the street. We just need a leader who will fix the nergy situatio, that's all, Nigerians will take it from there.
    We have leaders among us, good ethical leaders, women and men, but the "Do or Die" politicaians still conrol the megaphone.
    Oh! for a joke, because I have evend epressed myself with this midnight comment, I heard OBJ said he is still laughing, and his "Baby Girl" will soon receive her ministerial appointment. I really wish I can laugh!!!

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