1. Damn , nice! First thank you for introducing me way back to Zap Mama. Can I ask what's up with Belgium of late? You've given us Baloji, Stromae and now Heritage? and okay I'm going to admit I also like Selah Sue

    1. @Busi: Although talent has been always been abundant in Belgium, you’re right, some things are starting to change of late. Now, this is a rough sketch, but I have the impression social media allow artists to up their game by throwing out lines across different oceans, hooking up with other artists, resources, labels and audiences. Plus, Brussels being a crossroad where 200 years of colonial history meet the present, there are obviously enough ideas floating around begging to be uncovered by these artists. The Héritage Project being a case in point. And the same story goes for some smaller Belgian labels that are getting much better at efficiently using social media to plug their artists. Which is not to say those artists (or labels) aren’t working damn hard to get their message out.

      1. Thanks for the information Tom , thought you guys were feeding black people something different *just joking!*

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