#ThisisAfrica: Sudanese TV (in Dubai)

I came across a concert on Sudanese television station Blue Nile TV while flipping through channels in Dubai (lot’s of great music on there). I know The Sudan has been in the news for other reasons lately, but this looked like a fun party with enthusiastic participation by the crowd.  This singer really seemed to get a warm reception, which included rose throwing.  Does anyone recognize him? Perhaps it’s just because of shared language, which means access to a wider audience, but I find it interesting that while Sudan borders many African countries, the text message ticker on the bottom of the screen includes only Arab countries like Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, The UAE, and Yemen.



Boima Tucker

Chief Boima is a Sierra Leonean-American music producer, DJ and writer. He is also the managing editor, podcast host, and music section editor of Africa is a Country.

  1. The UNHCR is receiving large amounts of donations from the developed countries to look after th welfare and welbeing of refugees and seeing it now pressuring countries to do its work one wonders what is it doing with all these billions!it is working against its own declarations by interfering in countries internal affairs by dictating that they must admit foreign nationals on a wholesale basis regardless of their own constitutions and migration laws !

  2. you see,even if Muslims subscribe strongly to Africa its impossible for them to be africans because of their devotion to their religion!

    Here is Gaddafi calling himself African but outside of thecontinent he advocate fo islam which is estrange from africa and its traditions

  3. These mothergrundy and old farts rulers of this continent are stting on their laurels enjoying heir taxpayers money than locking themselves in boardrooms of these au`s and sadcs to find an identity and direction for this continent.inhabitants of this continent needs to know inhabitants of countries the have working relationships with in the form of bilateral or economic relations and not just an economic or political relationship.

    africa and the middle-east can be integrated and adopt one identity and culture.

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  5. As a group Promoting Music and Television from Sudan, I find your blog pretty interesting, “Some Sudanese Music Notes from the North(west) Country” I will keep checking for additions.
    Well written, thank you :-)

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