‘Africa wants you to leave us alone’

The South African artist, Breeze Yoko, has generously allowed me to share these images of him completing this striking mural completed recently in Swiss city, Basel, while there representing at the Focus 10: Contemporary African Art Fair. Yoko was one of 16 artists also featured in the curated show “Artistic Visions”: A Snaphot of Contemporary African Art.

Sean Jacobs



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

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  1. this shit is dope bra…big up yourself breeze. i love that you stood there for a coupla hours (however long it took you to do this piece) and lived it out, nah mean! didn't you get questions from passers-by about your message? i'm curiuos to know if you actually engged anyone on the subject matter and even more so, if you felt Basel was a relevant city to have this in…if "they asked for it" with their general perceptions of Africa and it's peoples. dope.

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