Animal Kingdom

It will get ridiculous over the next month.   For now the price goes to goes to the Australian media company, Optus. This is the concept for the ad, above: “… To prepare for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the Australian football team was involved in a secret training camp.  Unbeknown to anyone, the team flew over to South Africa last year to prepare for the extreme conditions they are likely to face.”




Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. Ok Sean, I may be in danger of losing my Kaapstad pass but I’ve never been able to resist hyperbole and delightful silliness. No wonder I love hip-hop.

  2. I’m surprised and awed at the Aussie dedication and courage to roll with these megafauna just for the beautiful game. The most serious yet dangerous training regimen I know of. If homie had moved that leg just a bit slower, it would have been down the throat of Mr. Croc. Then homie would no longer be eligible for the World Cup. Duh! Can’t train like that for the next World Cup. Way too risky. I will say, the animals could use some more training, seeing how slow the jaws of these crocs are, and the useless fronting of the rhinos. They got no game if you ask me.

  3. Its cool in a strange sorta way, not sumthin you’d openly admit to your conscious friends, of course. But why thrive off the Heart of Darkness concept when Australia’s Outback has its own vast animal kingdom?

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