It must be Africa

EDIT: Earlier today I saw this ad on a feed from Dutch TV during the Ghana-Holland friendly. And then it did not look funny.

It’s getting ridiculous. Children, animals and Masai.

The commercial by ING Bank, official sponsor of the Dutch national team.

Waka Waka. It must be Africa.



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. I guess this explains why the interest rates on the ING Direct savings accounts have plummeted over the last few months.

  2. Aw c’mon – this is so tongue-firmly-in-cheek funny. The orange stuffed lions lounging in the tree with real lions below is really lol!

  3. @ekapa: I really need to get to South Africa–I’ll be there next Wednesday with my daughter–because I may be losing my sense of humor. Except I was watching this on a feed from Dutch TV during the Ghana-Holland friendly. And then it did not look funny.

    Even when they do something bland, they mess up. Like in this one for TNT Post (parcel delivery service) where they can only imagine a rural Africa, i.e. the detail of the roofs of houses.

    I need to leave. I am too sensitive nowadays.

  4. Maybe ekapa’s right. Maybe we’re too quick to see racism and stereotypes when it’s really just good old clean humor. And maybe those folks who only think of Africa in terms of lions and wildebeests will appreciate the irony of an advertisement that trades on the image of Africa in terms of lions and wildebeests.

    What would Nicholas Kristof say to this?

  5. @Sean: You are right. Context certainly makes a difference. Going home is the perfect tonic. I’m envious bro. I hope you and your daughter have a great time with family and friends. Are you planning on seeing any of the matches?

  6. I actually like this ad for a South African charity run by John Perlman (he used to be on SAfm radio and is now on Khaya I think–last time I checked my friend Lance Claassen produced his show). Maybe because the visuals look believable–looks like my own childhood:

  7. That ING ad is awful. IMO its in the same category as ‘Oh Africa’ – Keri H & Akon.

    The way this consumption of exotic Africa through advertising and music carries on, there will be some very, very disappointed World Cup goers if there are no elephants and zebras freely roaming around with sightings of Masai warriors in Kirstenbosch as they trek up to their secret cave in Table mountain.

    iLike the last ad! The end-music is a bit strange (is there a Brit connection?), but iDig it, nonetheless.

  8. @ekapa: Lol! Also, BP is a sponsor. Any sign of their post-Gulf media presence? Are they using the England keepers and a play on the words “spill” and “leak”?

  9. I got to get out of here.

    This is a “speculative” commercial shot for Adidas. In long Island with a local cast of kids. This is supposed to represent Africa.

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