Everybody Say "Yeah Yeah!"

Some of us will be a bit preoccupied with, you know, the biggest event in the world this weekend so it’s only natural that this Sunday will come and go without our tuning in to watch the Tony Awards. But then, I’ve never actually watched the Tony Awards.

Of course, as we all know, Fela! is this year’s runaway Broadway hit, garnering 11 Tony nominations, the most of any other show. And just in time to remind those of us—including myself—that haven’t seen it just what we’re missing, comes the release of the official commercial, from creative production company Shilo.

Good luck to cast and crew.

* Meanwhile in The Boston Globe, my man Siddhartha Mitter on the rebirth of Fela as cultural icon. Siddhartha also asked Fela’s associates and family whether they approve of the play, the reissues of his classic albums, etc.

— Sean Jacobs

Sonja Sugira

Sonja Sugira was one of the first regular contributors of Africa is a Country apart from Hasan Wazan.


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