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I have been threatening to post the video of a panel discussion about the 2010 World Cup I hosted at The New School  earlier this month. Now I hope it lives up to the hype. The reason for the delay: Youtube disabled the sound for a few days because of a copyright claim on music used in a commercial for Puma that formed part of the discussion. Well, here is the panel discussion now.

It’s almost 2 hours of beautiful football without anyone actually kicking a ball.

Sean Jacobs



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

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  1. I love this though I have been watching in snatches. I liked, in particular, the Africa is a continent and a country riff that animated the conversation. And the breath of perspectives and experience on display – the US, Kenya, Cote Ivoire, Nigeria and RSA. It made me consider seriously, for the first time, if football can do anything useful for Africa. Is football worthy of serious political attention?

    I was impressed by Teju but sceptical about his take on Nigerian football. Though lying or cheating about players ages ill serves the Nigerian game it is not the principal problem in Nigerian football. Poor amenities and poor funding for local football and leagues are.

    And although it is great to have top flight players in European leagues it is a mixed blessing….

    Great unobtrusive moderating btw.

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