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The photographer Mario Epanya wonders what a “Vogue Africa” magazine would look like. The pictures are beautiful, but do Africans really want or care about their own version of a magazine with a very problematic relation to race and things continental? For some background, see here ), here, here and here.

Oh and here are two more “covers”  of the “magazine”:



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. The pictures are beautiful. Maybe this would be an opportunity for Vogue to take into account that beauty doesn’t come in one skin color. What makes features beautiful is that they are different. I’m for it, at this point.

    1. meant to say africa is not a country. vogue doesn’t work by continent and not all africans are black.

  2. but H.O.A. vogue does work by country. a south african vogue or maybe even a nigerian vogue doesn’t seem far-fetched at all.

    i think there’d be an audience among cosmopolitan women in both countries. but as with any of vogue’s editions, it would need to be locally relevant.

  3. obviously, this is a way for capitalism to thrive in the continent. this venture would open a new market, and expand local economies. I think any discussion of this venture should take this perspective into account

  4. I agree with H.O.A. Africa isn't a country, and the continent's population demographics are as varied as any other continent. I really wish people would stop treating Africa as some homogeneous monolith.

  5. Well, depends on what you mean. Not all Europeans are white, but no one feels the need to point it out whenever European is used to mean white. It's not only incorrect, but offensive if you're trying to separate African from blackness.

    Everyone who originates in Africa including the North is black. Arabs, Bedouin tribes (sometimes called Berber) are not the original inhabitants of the North. Due to that region's proximity to Eurasia and the Mediterranean more foreign incursions have affected the demographics than below the Sahara. Both Arabs and whites in the South have no problem with the word African being used to mean black since they use it in that same way. African beauty IS black.

    If whites get to use European to mean white in reference to its indigenous peoples, and Asians the same, then Africans have every right to use African to mean black. That doesn't mean however that non-black residents can't be included from time to time just as long as people aren't reinforcing distortions of African history by trying to pass of non-black peoples as originating in Africa when they didn't, then everything is fine.

    P.S. The fact that all indigenous African peoples are black shouldn't sound extreme just as long as you keep in mind that "black" people have huge diversity within themselves. Do not object with the childish tactic of stereotyping "black" African to mean a certain pitch black look with swollen lips and flat noses when many black people around the Continent never looked like that. (Black) Africans are diverse enough without people making outdated claims that there's non-black races indigenous to Africa.

  6. With the United states of Africa being put into place, it would seem clear that Africa is going back to its historical roots, which is being a country. Africa has never been a continent. Remeber the colonization which meant divide and rule enabling European countries to take whatever portion of Africa they prefered, thus creating boarders within the counrty. Africa has never been a continent, and Im glad we are getting some facts cleared with the African Union.

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