Till Jesus Comes

Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s President, may not after all, rule as he promised “till Jesus comes“*.

In fact, as The Economist reports, by all accounts Zuma is turning out to be quite weak, and most recently “… the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), an old ally, says it has discovered a plot to unseat Mr Zuma by means of a vote of no confidence at the ANC’s national general council, another five-yearly event, in September. It was at the last such meeting, in 2005, that the foundation was laid for Mr Mbeki’s humiliating “recall” as president.”

Which brings up the question who will be South Africa’s next President? And don’t tell me it will be Julius Malema.

* Of course Zuma was saying his party would, but I just wanted to use it.



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. Hi Steve,

    I am like Zapiro–of course I don't have a TV, is world famous, etc, but you get the point–who retired and then brought back a bigger shower head. Zuma is doing so pathetic lately that I had to bring my old Zuma graphic back.

    Word on Kgalema. Patricia has no chance as she just joined a coalition of the opposition led by my favorite opposition politician, Helen Zille.

  2. Rumors/speculation about intrigues in the ANC alliance are so prevalent in SA political journalism to the point of being cliche. Between the lazy journalism, wishful thinking and intra-party squabbles it's very hard to get a clear fix on what's going on. Zuma's stock with the SA public is at a very low point currently mostly because of personal issues – the out of wedlock child with Khoza, the financial empire his family is creating, etc. I'm not convinced the ANC sees those problems as enough to drop him soon. As long as he remains party chair, which he will until the next convention, I doubt that he will be "recalled as president."

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