Homosexuality is Illegal in 37 African Countries

Radio Netherlands International has a 51-minute, really good, program on the hysteria and violence against gay people on the continent. Guest include Ian Swartz, founder of a gay rights organisation in Namibia, and Scott Long from Human Rights Watch in New York.

Listen here.



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. gays and lesbians are evills they must be kill
    for the kingdom of god shakes when a man make a man as a wife
    dont let sodomy take u away from the land of your fathers
    they kill gathafi to sploit africa fight then when they come to your house
    racist and evill act…for the day as come only jah allah god dio knows his children.
    how can africa ligalis same-sex it is incredible you europeans and americans
    are sick…babylon shall fall
    babylon is falling down falling donw falling down…
    come to africa we will feed u and make u a true beliver

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Not the continent with 54 countries

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