Here’s some things I did not have the time to blog about properly or link to this past week:

* Barack and Michelle Obama had to pose 135 times with visiting dignitaries to the UN General Assembly last week, like Jacob Zuma and Mrs Zuma (that’s all the information the White House released on her) above. Actually there’s no point to this item. I just wanted to post the picture.

* Everybody and their goalkeeper is making films about the 2010 World Cup. Because it is in Africa. Even Will.I.am is involved.

* Kenyan journalist, Kassim Mohammed, goes to investigate piracy in Somalia, gets invited to a pirate base, and, before he knew it, is taken hostage [link].

* Fazila Farouk on the “cute” G20.

* “Watching wildlife with white people.”

* J Period and K’Naan’s “The Messangers” is a mixtape honoring Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and Fela. [Link]

* “Evidence vs Dogma in Darfur” [Link]

* Not everyone–well really Village Voice music critic, Rob Harvilla–can see the genius of BLK JKS.

* If you’re in New York City, on October 19 philosopher Anthony Appiah will interview Chinua Achebe on the publication of his first new book in more than 20 years “The Education of a British-Protected Child,” a collection of autobiographical essays at the 92nd Street Y.