COVID-19 Dispatches

The "Africa needs help" vs. "No! Africa can teach you lessons!" is tiring. Other than benefiting a few pundits, are we deriving any value from it?

Africans rarely re-evaluate ourselves, the basis of our knowledge and our traditions on our own terms, argues Sierra Leonean writer Ishmael Beah.

Why courts should not become a country’s sole moral arbiter, how coronavirus has impact judicial processes in India and South Africa, and more.

In Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, a partial COVID-19 lockdown has increased domestic violence, but women are not turning to shelters.

The recent news of evictions and mistreatment of African students in China during the COVID-19 pandemic is rooted in a history of violence and discrimination.

What do we gain by exposing the material shortcomings of African health systems?

We need swift, bold, and decisive action on debt relief and monetary creation in Africa in order to face the coronavirus crisis and prevent many ordinary Africans from paying with their lives.

In South Africa, we are not in a situation where we need to choose between saving lives and protecting livelihoods. It is far worse. We are in danger of losing both.

COVID-19 exposes the continued inability of most white South Africans to critically reflect on privilege or engage constructively about the handling of the pandemic.

The revival of an elite technocratic rationality is starting to undo South Africa's lockdown, now in its second month.

Recent racist incidents in China are just a manifestation of deeply rooted attitudes vis-à-vis "blackness" in China that predate and will outlive COVID-19.

Why we need randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to find the best ways to treat COVID-19.

NGOs have been notably absent in the fight against COVID-19, despite claims they exist solely to ensure accountability and transparency by government.

COVID-19 is teaching us lessons we should have learned from the HIV epidemic.

The South African government's COVID-19 "rescue plan" is an opportunity to rethink its economic model, if it can break with market orthodoxy.

Reflections from New Orleans, Louisiana—the US's most African city—on the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

Demolishing homes of poor residents in Accra while under lockdown, tells us all we need to know about the Ghanaian state's treatment of working class people.

African health workers ask for decent work and a strong, public health care system—not applause.

COVID-19 spreads from Europe to Africa, inverting colonial imaginaries of African disease and challenging inherited hierarchies.

Surviving the COVID-19 crisis as a jobless Sierra Leonean domestic worker in Lebanon. They are stuck together after losing their jobs or fleeing abusive employers.