COVID-19 Dispatches

Despite the media's wish for a neat story, the African continent's response to COVID-19 is all over the map.

COVID-19 has been a blessing to the ruling classes in Algeria. However, the popular Hirak movement has not said its last word yet.

Recalling its Ebola hysteria would help the US better confront COVID-19.

The African response to the coronavirus pandemic displays innovation and ingenuity.

South Africa’s biggest city is ground zero for debates about the long-term effectiveness and constitutionality of militarized urban policing and how we imagine the post-COVID city.

The Eritrean government continues to force students into military service in the middle of a pandemic. Things are about to get even worse.

News reports claiming that “wet markets” in Asia are the source of the coronavirus obscure the fact that the consumption of wild animals is common in the West.

Americans could learn a thing or two from Africans’ history of resisting structural adjustment policies.

African societies are failing to systematically capture the true impact of COVID-19.

The government of Zimbabwe has decided it does not care whether Zimbabweans live or die.

On the other side of the pandemic, we must strengthen and build strong working-class movements to challenge imperialism and neocolonialism.

Burundian refugees in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda are enacting grassroots responses to COVID-19.

In Sudan's capital, security forces arbitrarily enforce a haphazard lockdown.

Local traditions of crisis management have largely been shed along the path to “development.” The age of COVID-19 is the time to recover them.

Regular Kenyans try to survive the economic fallout from the coronavirus.

Three activists from the Assembly of the Unemployed talk to us about the challenges facing working-class communities in South Africa.

COVID-19 re-affirmed journalism is a public good, yet as newsrooms collapse, journalism is in danger.

How race came to function as fuel to an exploitative economic system. Take the case of South Africa.

The irony of preaching social distancing to those living in close urban dwellings in Lagos exposes the crass nature of class disparities in Nigeria.

The parallels between COVID-19 and the 1910s in Kampala, when the colonial regime used a series of plagues to cut Ugandans out of the capital city.