Africa is a Country will join the Pan African Space Station in New York City for the next 3 days

Blueprint for the Pan Africa Space Station

The Pan African Space Station (PASS) is an online music radio station and pop-up studio project of Chimurenga, a Cape Town-based platform founded by Ntone Edjabe in 2002. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Africa is a Country will be presenting three panels at PASS’ library-of-people installation at the Performa 15 Hub in New York City. Alongside a host of talented artists, writers, and intellectuals, we are happy to be part of the multi-media and cross-disciplinary event, and to be able to invite friends and colleagues to present on various aspects related to contemporary African culture and current affairs that are covered and recurrent on this site.

The three panels, curated by AIAC managing editor, Africa is a Radio host, and music section editor, Boima Tucker, are:

Friday 13th Nov. (3pm)Block The Road: The Sound of Afrosoca

An exploration of the recent explosion of cross-Atlantic exchange between Caribbean and African musicians, with Rum N’ Lime Radio co-hosts – Queens-based writer and academic Rishi Nath, and DJ, producer, and Trinidadian Soca ambassador DLife.

Saturday 14th Nov. (4pm)Adrift: A soundtrack for migration

A current and former member of the Brooklyn DJ collective Dutty ArtzDJ Ushka (Thanu Yakupitiyage) and Lamin Fofana, will talk about Fofana’s recent EP as a jump-off point to discuss migration — from what the Western media has dubbed a European “migrant crisis” stemming from Africa and Syria — to other examples of being “adrift.” The two will draw on there personal experiences as immigrants to the U.S from Sri Lanka and Sierra Leone respectively to discuss how they’ve incorporated heavy themes of (im)migration into their work as musicians and activists. The hour will feature both Ushka and Lamin’s musical selections as a soundtrack to being adrift – in terms of bureacracies, physical space and geopolitically.

Sunday 15th Nov. (4pm): Seeing voices: Reflections on African photographic portraiture

Zachary Rosen moderates a discussion between guests Awam Amkpa, a professor of cultural analysis at NYU and curator of the photography exhibition Africa: See you, see me, and Delphine Fawundu, a Brooklyn-based photographer. In her work she focuses on identities through cultural expression; incorporating themes of social justice, music and history.

Visit the PASS blog and/or for more info on the entire event. If you can’t make it to the Performa 15 Hub, be sure to tune in on the Pan Africa Space Station feed! Live streaming takes place from November 11-15th 3-8pm (NY time).

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