The annihilation of Spain by the Netherlands last Friday (5-1) shocked and delighted football fans, pundits and creatives all at once, so much so that European pundits have something else to talk about, like total football, rather than moan, for the umpteeth time, about playing conditions. It will also inspire a million memes, videos, flipbooks and animations (there’s some already) for a while. And everyone will forward it to you on social media. Unlike cats or the latest petition over Blue Ivy’s hair (why?), you should click through. Here’s four exhibits. First, you can relive all five goals courtesy of Dutch TV Jack van Gelden’s commentary:

Then the animator Richard Swarbrick got creative:

There’s also a flipbook of Van Persie’s goal set to Brazilian TV commentary:

But back to the football. Here’s professor Arsene Wenger of Emirates University:

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