Sean Jacobs took this picture, enhanced by Instagram, in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, yesterday. This is a regular pickup game that’s been in existence for as long as Sean can remember. Here, btw, is how Elliot Ross described it in a piece for Al Jazeera America (about whether committed New York soccer fans will ever take an American team seriously): 

For as long as any of the players can remember, there has been a game of soccer in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn in the hours just before sunset. The field is the small patch of flattish ground on the park’s southeast slope known to locals as the Dust Bowl, and on a fine day the game draws a decent number of spectators — moms and nannies resting on park benches with their strollers, lone dog walkers pausing for thought, students peering up from their books, elderly men shouting instructions to the players. The pitch is cramped and rutted, and on a good day you can find 40 or more guys, ages anywhere from 14 to 50, charging around a field not much more than 30 meters long, with faded traffic cones forming narrow goals at each end. There are plenty of Spanish curses if you listen closely, but by far the most common is the Jamaican expletive “bumba claat!” which punctuates the game with every error or near miss. There’s a wide array of replica shirts on display, a characteristic of informal football and pickup games wherever they’re played in the world. On a recent summer evening, there were players wearing the jerseys of Manchester United, Barcelona, Hertha Berlin, the Belgian club Anderlecht, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, England, Mozambique, South Africa and Sweden.


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