#Recap: Malawian President Joyce Banda talks to AlJazeera

  1. WATCH: @AJEnglish puts the rest to shame as usual with in-depth interview with President Joyce Banda… http://fb.me/1bFgFi0wi
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 12:24:38
  2. AfricasaCountry
    Joyce Banda on resolution of April political hiatus: “International pressure important but what was critical was Malawians themselves”
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 12:39:05
  3. AfricasaCountry
    Joyce Banda: Malawi Army Chief “turned the country’s history around” by backing constitution & her presidency
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 12:40:09
  4. AfricasaCountry
    Joyce Banda: Break-up of diplomatic relations with Britain under Bingu was “devastating” for Malawi
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 12:43:45
  5. AfricasaCountry
    Joyce Banda: My “number one priority” was to restore relations with IMF.
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 12:45:06
  6. AfricasaCountry
    Joyce Banda: IMF’s $150m will be used to help cushion pain felt by poor due to Kwacha devaluation
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 12:46:41
  7. AfricasaCountry
    Joyce Banda: “I respect Pres Bashir totally, & he was v close to Bingu.” Pressure from international community decisive in canceling AU meet
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 12:52:22
  8. AfricasaCountry
    Joyce Banda ducked @AJEnglish’s repeated questioning on Bashir and if she’d have had him arrested
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 12:53:14
  9. AfricasaCountry
    Joyce Banda: Chinese are not colonisers in Malawi: “Nobody has tried to influence me”
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 12:54:05
  10. AfricasaCountry
    Joyce Banda: “The good news is that African men have showed they’re willing to allow women to lead”
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 12:55:08
  11. AfricasaCountry
    Joyce Banda: “Being in politics is a love affair. You must fall in love with the people, and then hope that they fall in love with you.”
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 12:56:38
  12. AfricasaCountry
    Joyce Banda: “My abusive marriage was a blessing in disguise. It prepared me for leadership.”
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 12:58:44
  13. AfricasaCountry
    Joyce Banda: “When I ask Malawians for their votes in 2014, I want them to be able to look inside their houses & find they have an income”
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:02:13
  14. AfricasaCountry
    Some impressions from @AJEnglish Joyce Banda interview. Tweet back with your thoughts as we go.
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:04:38
  15. AfricasaCountry
    1. Important not to understate precarity of situation immediately post-Bingu. JB’s conciliatory style was perfect for that moment
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:06:45
  16. AfricasaCountry
    2. JB said little to comfort those who fear she is far too responsive to external pressure (IMF, WBank, big donors)
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:08:31
  17. AfricasaCountry
    3. With this comes the risk (highlighted by @tmkandawire) that JB may pursue “pro-poor” agenda at expense of long-term concerns
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:10:12
  18. AfricasaCountry
    4. Bingu loved a spot of anti-imperial tub-thumping. JB has no time for this but might benefit from taking a more cynical view of UK etc
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:12:47
  19. AfricasaCountry
    5. Why no questions about JB’s evangelicalism? Mw’s presidents so far: Church of Scotland elder, Muslim, RCatholic, now TB Joshua’s SCOAN!
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:17:50
  20. AfricasaCountry
    6. Hopefully JB can allow other politicians to enjoy prominence in their own right. Political pluralism might be best legacy she cd leave
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:23:05
  21. AfricasaCountry
    7. It would probably be good if JB won narrowly in 2014. Landslide govts tend to go a bit nuts in Mw (ie the second Bingu)
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:24:25
  22. AfricasaCountry
    8. Bingu went on 2 week jaunts to Macau & kept suitcases of US$ under his bed. JB’s outfits are world-beating but so far no such oddity
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:29:13
  23. AfricasaCountry
    9. JB relations with China will be fascinating. I think she prefers to work with moralistic devpt partners (EU etc), total switch from Bingu
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:30:44
  24. AfricasaCountry
    10. Mw has rich tradition of presidential style, performance, to which JB is already a top addition.
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:33:47
  25. AfricasaCountry
    11. JB has the makings of one of those “world elder” type folks (Tutu et al). Just wait til she hits the UN, she’ll charm their socks off
    Sun, Jun 24 2012 13:39:52

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