I’m feeling a little puzzled by M.I.A’s video for Bad Girls (which originally appeared on her Vicky Leekx mixtape). In what I suppose is intended to be edgy imagery, M.I.A gyrates in the midst of ‘veiled’ women and men in kheffiyahs who drive fast cars. Some sites claim her target is Saudi Arabia’s ban on women driving.

The video, shot in Ouarzazate (“Morocco’s Hollywood”), features leisure activities popular among young men in some Gulf countries — the stunt driving, for example. It would be interesting to see the reaction of musicians and artists in that part of the world. The Narcicyst, a few years ago, in response to Busta Rhymes’s Arab Money: “Once again, Arabs are represented as these arm flailing, oil rich, loft having, private jet taking, camel toe lady bangin’, desert camel riding, bearded sand men.” M.I.A replaces the ‘oil rich’ with armed ‘bearded sand men,’ but if she was hoping to shout out the ongoing revolutions throughout North Africa and Southwest Asia, she may be really missing the mark.

And now Kanye West is apparently following suit. Lord help us.

Any thoughts, dear readers?

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