In January 2011 director Alrick Brown’s feature “Kinyarwanda”–a film about “6 people struggling through the Rwandan genocide”–won Sundance’s award for “World Drama” (that’s a big category, but we’ll move on). In December last year it had a limited release, including here in New York City. I missed the screenings. In most cases films like “Kinyarwanda” would vanish and months later pop up on Netflix with little marketing where, unless someone in the know tells you, you’ll know never see it. Or the filmmakers will do their own guerrilla marketing. But that won’t be needed now as digital rights to “Kinyarwanda” have been snapped up by Snagfilms, which has an online library of more than 3000 films. That means you can order it or see it via Snagfilms’ partners “… Comcast Xfinity, FiOS, DIRECTV, iTunes, Amazon and VUDU.”

Via Shadow and Act.

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