Music Break. Friday Bonus Edition

You won’t see or hear a more exciting song by a South African rapper this year than Kanyi’s ‘Ingoma’. Produced by Mananz, with Teboho Semela (sister of Ben Sharpa) on violin. From Gugulethu, Cape Town:

Also from Cape Town, Nyanga, are Ruffest. Siyabenzela:

It’s Tanzania’s Independence Day today. Ngoni celebrates it in style. He’s part of a tribe now:

Just A Band released a new video. Huff + Puff. It comes with a story, and a decent beat:

On ‘Life’s Gone Down Low,’ Nas sampled the Lijadu Sisters from Nigeria. They were last famous in the late 1970s. But you should be hearing more about them since their albums are being reissued by Knitting Factory Records, starting with ‘Danger’ this month. Here’s a recent video interview and some acapela with the sisters, 53-year-old twins, courtesy of The Fader.

Finally, Canadian-Rwandan rapper Shad K traveled to the mother country to perform at a music festival. A video crew trailed him:

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