At least 313 million Africans–that’s one in three Africans–can be defined as middle class, according to the African Development Bank. If you earn between $2 and $20 a day , working in “salaried jobs or own small businesses,” you’re middle class. But only 123 million of these–those who are spending between $4 and $20 a day–can be considered economically stable, according to the ADB. And, “Tunisia, Gabon and Botswana have the largest middle classes, while Liberia, Mozambique and Rwanda have the smallest.” The BBC combined all this information with a slideshow of the photographer Philippe Sibelly’s project on middle class Africans, The Other Africa. The photo above is of Antoine, “a tennis instructor in Gabon’s capital, Libreville.” Below is a photo of Manal, “a successful singer and TV presenter in Algeria’s capital, Algiers.”

You can see the BBC’s edit of the project here, or view it on the project’s website.

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