There was not that kind of widespread support for the protests in Benghazi, and even Zintan. If there had been so, we would not be in this kind of military stalemate, where the West is even considering a proposal for some kind of Saif [Gaddafi] type government. That is intolerable. There was not the kind of revolutionary turn in Libya [as opposed what happened in Egypt and Tunisia], and the leadership in Benghazi hastened a script that was written in a different accent. Of course Gaddafi said he would use violence. All States do that. That was to be expected. It is what happened in Yemen yesterday, with snipers killing at least 15 in Sanaa. The question is not what the State promises but who the leadership of a rebellion reads the tea leaves. I’m afraid they read it prematurely, and then in desperation had to call for air strikes–at the same time as their own leadership was usurped by CIA assets and so on. A very sad situation.

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