Al Jazeera’s Kamal Santamaria interviews David  Cameron onYoutube: questions are submitted by viewers, as part of the Youtube World View Program, where one “world leader” is interviewed every month.

First question, submitted on video:

Cameron is about to go on tour in North Africa, with several reps from weapons manufacturers–undoubtedly to push those governments yet more weapons that will be used on their civilian populations (as we saw happen in the last month’s revolutions and uprisings). Isn’t he sending mixed messages?

Second is a text question: In 1999, NATO bombed Yogoslavia because “[Y]ugoslav authorities were responsible for crimes against humanity” against the Kosovar civilian population. Doesn’t the UK, as a founder of NATO, find Libyan authorities doing the same?

See the whole interview, and watch Cameron “disagree with most parts of that question” and the next question and the next question and play the Good Patrician  here.–Neelika Jayawardane

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