A French magazine’s brilliant idea “to honor [Nigerian music superstar] Fela Kuti.” Colorlines reports:

One of France’s premiere fashion magazines, L’Officiel Paris, thought they would honor Nigerian musician and human rights activist Fela Kuti by dressing Beyoncé up as, what they would like to call, an “African Queen.” The editorial shoot includes images of the international pop sensation in blackface, clad in leopard prints, feathers, head-dresses and necklaces with bones hanging off of them. A “return to Beyoncé’s African roots,” according to L’Officiel.

A Nigerian blogger is quoted as saying “this is not a tribute to him.” She adds about the headdress: “The only thing close to anything I’ve seen my mom wear or that I wore as a kid is the headress and even then it’s not tied properly.”

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