We’ve already written about some of the songs featuring in Didier Awadi’s latest project, Présidents d’Afrique, which has been in the making for over five years. The full ‘album’ is finally here.

In this multidisciplinary and multimedia project that celebrates 50 years of sovereignty, Awadi revisits Africa’s history of independence, using as both a source of inspiration and as a mirror some of the groundbreaking speeches of Lumumba, Keita, Nyerere, Nkrumah, Machel, Zongo, Sékou Touré, Cabral, Nasser, Kenyata, Mandela, Diop, Fanon, Césaire and Sankara. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are here as well. And Obama.

But that is not all there is to it. The album and the project also bring together many other AIAC favorites such as Doudou N’Diaye Rose, Dead Prez, Tata Pound, Gertrude Senin, Babani Koné, Noumoucounda Cissoko, Maji Maji, Tiwoni, Lady Sweetie, Smockey, Skwatta Kamp and Lexxus.

This is one impressive line-up. The project’s website is in French, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting it. And go watch Awadi and his band if they’re passing through your city. The show’s overwhelming.

If you forgot the Luther King-Obama mix, here’s a reminder:


Here’s the song “Woye”:


and “The Roots” (featuring Dead Prez):


–Tom Devriendt

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