The 30-second trailer, above, for “Venus Noire” (Black Venus), the long-awaited film about the life of Sara Baartman, the 18th century young Khoi woman publicly exhibited as a circus freak in Europe and whose sexual organs were prodded and examined by racist French scientists to prove the Khoi’s close relation to animals. The film is directed by French-Tunisian film director Abdellatif Kechiche. The lead role is played by Cuban-born actress Yahima Torres. The South African actor, Andre Jacobs, plays the role of Hendrick Caezer, the white farmer who abducted Baartman and took her to Europe. The film will play the New York Film Festival on October 7 and 9. This is its North American premiere. Word is tickets are selling out fast.  I won’t make it. I would love to hear reviews of the film from those in New York City who get to see it. (Though Kechiche is winning prizes for the film, the advance word from mainstream critics are mixed.)

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