Ah, Foreign Policy Magazine. From their perennially ridiculous lists to bizarre ramblings by the likes of our man in Africa, Jeffrey Gettleman, they never cease to amaze with the levels of sensationalism and hyperbole that seem to define their work. Now they’re back with a “photo essay” entitled, Postcards from Hell. And as you can expect from a publication like FP, 30 of the 60 states (the most failed of the failed states!) on their list are in Africa. That’s more than half of the countries on the continent. So, essentially, Africa is hell on earth.

From the magazine:

For the last half-decade, the Fund for Peace, working with Foreign Policy, has been putting together the Failed States Index, using a battery of indicators to determine how stable — or unstable — a country is. But as the photos here demonstrate, sometimes the best test is the simplest one: You’ll only know a failed state when you see it.

And there, ladies and gentleman, is the mark of excellent journalism.

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