Stuff I missed or was too tired to give adequate attention to over the last few days:

* Great commentary on the proposed Hollywood biopic of Winnie Mandela starring Jennifer Hudson as the mother of the nation. [Black Agenda Report]

* Why is Holland Cotter the only North American art critic that does justice to African art? Like in his piece of a new show, “Through African Eyes: The European in African Art, 1500 to Present” opening this Sunday at the Detroit Institute for the Arts [The New York Times]

* Another superlative review of Connie Field’s 7-film set about the struggle against Apartheid, “Have You Heard from Johannesburg” [Art Forum]

* Muslims in Africa think Christians as tolerant, honest, and decent, and  “… in most countries, a majority of Christians returned the compliment. But many Christians (among the countries surveyed [in a recent continent-wide poll], the median level was 43%) saw in Islam a potential for violence.” [The Economist]

* CNN‘s “Inside Africa” program recently profiled South African rock band, BLK JKS, labeled recently by Rolling Stone Magazine as “Africa’s best new band.”

*  Ugandans love Nollywood films [The East African]

* More than one trillion British pounds may have flowed out of Africa illegally over the last four decades, most of it to western financial institutions, according to a new report. Much of it from Nigeria. And most of it–surprise, surprise–from private, not government, sources.

* Finally, from Vijay Prashad: “This was really enjoyable. A discussion of public rituals, with a very young Peter Burke (two years before his classic), Ranajit Guha, Jack Goody, Terrance Ranger, Julian Pitt-Rivers, others, and my PhD guide, Barney Cohn [at] a SSRC seminar in 1976 [on “The Interpretation of Public Rituals”), cigarettes and formal jackets, all men, which even in 1976 seems extraordinary. The film quality is very fine. Download if it you have time. Or just watch on the web.”

I did.

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