The BBC debuts a new TV series this month, “Welcome to Lagos,”  on the “ingenuity” of poor people in Nigeria’s  commercial capital, Lagos.The Observer‘s acting arts editor, Akin Ojumu, who is also a fan of David Cameron’s ideas about black men and responsibility, likes it. Sokari at Blacklooks, who observes that suddenly a flurry of Nigeria-focused coverage on British TV, does not.

But critics aside, the best part of the film, based on The Guardian’s report of it, is this comment about football by a women interviewed for the film:

” … My best friend, Lati, runs a cinema house next to where I live. We watch Nollywood movies, and all the Chelsea matches. I could never be friends with anyone who supports Manchester United. They are the Red Devils. They are devilish. Maybe they are using their devilish substance to win all the major trophies they have been winning. I hate them. Their nickname is very bad. Up Chelsea! Blues for life!

Which is when my friend Tony Karon, a Liverpool supporter, reminded me of the trailer for the Nollywood film, “Chelsea vs Liverpool”:


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