Last week Congo’s government announced it would pledge $2.5 million to relief efforts in Haiti.  As Texas in Africa noted, pledging is not the same as actually handing the money over. Just ask the Western governments. (Incidentally to those worried whether Congo can afford to do that, that money is apparently small change compared to the money lost to government corruption. Earlier Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade, who fancies himself a world leader, invited Haitians to move there on land to be donated by his government.  When his people complained, he scaled back the original offer.

Now comes the news (I hope it is not a hoax) that Somali pirates have expressed willingness to part of their loot captured from transnational boats to Haiti.  Oh, and the pirates can talk.

Leaders of these groups have declared they have links in various places around the world to help them ensure the delivery of aid without being detected by the armed forces of enemy governments.

The “pirates” typically redistribute a significant portion of their profits among relatives and the local population.

A Somali “pirate” spokesperson said: “The humanitarian aid to Haiti can not be controlled by the United States and European countries; they have no moral authority to do so.

“They are the ones pirating mankind for many years.”

Via Green Left Weekly

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