I am looking forward to the release of Nas and Damian Marley’s new project “Distant Relatives,” which deliberately highlights the African roots of hip hop and reggae. (They sample, among others, Fela Kuti; on the MySpace Page you can hear a snippet from one of the tunes, “As We Enter“). The album should be out next year.

This is Marley talking about the album:

“… I guess how much people are ready for it…how much people are willing to embrace this. Most of what we are doing is already known. It’s just us wanting to expose our knowledge and expose the way we feel about what’s going on, in both genres of music, Africa, everything. It started off being a sound that was really inspired by Africa and grew into something else, where we’re talkin’ about the relevance of Reggae to Hip Hop and how it all comes from Africa. That’s something that we’ve been speaking about for years. We’d really love to let a lot of people know that Hip Hop and Reggae are very much intertwined in terms of their beginnings and their destinies …”

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