Tomorrow is the draw for the 2010 World Cup in Cape Town. Apparently Charlize Theron, the South African actress with the fake American accent will also be there. Can anyone explain that to me?

More pertinent: The BBC just posted a story on its website speculating whether an African team can win the month-long competition and whether hosting the tournament on the continent gives its teams an edge. The piece is very conventional stuff–retired African footballers and Pele gets surveyed for their opinions. Everyone is positive, except the former South African striker, Shaun Bartlett:

“… All six of the African teams have their weaknesses – Bartlett mentions “poor goalkeepers”, “occasionally catastrophic defending” and “a tendency to concede late goals because they can’t concentrate for 90 minutes” – and a lot will depend on their ability to stay injury-free, especially with January’s Africa Cup of Nations looming in Angola.”

Yes, African footballers can’t concentrate.

HT: Chris Bolsmann

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