Thabo Mbeki, the former South African President who is an avowed AIDS denialist, must be happy with the latest rant of Rush Limbaugh, the nutty rightwing radio talk show host (he who is beloved by US Republicans and the media networks for whom he is a money spinner).

Limbaugh, early today, in an attempt to get at the Obama Administration for declaring swine flu a national emergency, went on a riff about how the government’s warnings about swine flu are similar to the “hype” about the extent of the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Anyway, Limbaugh first claimed AIDS infections in Africa are exaggerated and then said AIDS does not exist. Like he is a medical scientist or a researcher of pandemics.

I know this sounds crazy. But remember until not so long ago (that is 2008) this kind of nonsense was considered informed opinion among some members of South Africa’s Cabinet as well as some of its ruling party elites. (There is now a change.)

Via Gawker.

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