This is for real:

Chadian authorities summarily expelled a Cameroonian-born journalist from the country on Wednesday, a day after he wrote an op-ed in response to a government official’s suggestion that the Nobel Peace Prize should have been awarded to Chad President Idriss Deby [whose forces are implicated in a civil war and the war in Darfur]

… [Innocent Ebodé, editor-in-chief of the weekly La Voix du Tchad] … was deported a day after writing a critical column analyzing the merit of Deby and other African leaders as Nobel Prize contenders. Ebode likened a race between 2009 Nobel Prize winner Barack Obama and Deby as a sprint between Olympic world-record-holder Usain Bolt and a one-legged runner. The story countered Environment Minister Ali Souleymane Dabye’s suggestion during a recent press conference that Deby deserved the prize for his environmental work, according to local journalists.


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