Edwin Cameron, the first openly gay judge on South Africa’s Constitutional Court (the equivalent of the US Supreme Court; try that on the US court) is in New York City next week to receive a prize (The James Robert Brudner ’83 Memorial Prize worth $5000) from Yale University and give two lectures: one on LGBT Rights and a second on “Africa, AIDS, and Homophobia: The Other Epidemic.”  You may remember that Cameron is also HIV positive and was one of the first people to call out former President Thabo Mbeki on the latter’s disastrous AIDS policies.

Here is a link to the event details.

The organizers is billing Cameroon as “… the man who wrote sexual orientation into South Africa’s Constitution.”

[Cameron, btw, was profiled by The New York Times at the start of this year.]

* BTW, South Africa could have its second openly gay Judge on the Constitutional Court should High Court Judge Kathy Satchwell make it onto the Constitutional Court.

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