Online comment to New York Press on a film review of “District 9,” the sci-fi movie about aliens landing in Johannesburg:

As a young Afrikaans South African with a fondness for interspecies-conflict-based fiction, I enjoyed D9, and still I agree with [Armond] White [New York Press film critic] on a few levels. As a purely fictional sci-fi movie, D9 is excellent. During the first 15 minutes of the movie, the entire audience around me was laughing at how the South-African public’s nuances were portrayed… But White is right about the whole analogy thing. The similarities between Apartheid and Human- Prawn segregation is non-existent, except for the fact that in both cases the segregated party resided in crappy shacks.There is a lot more to South Africa’s history than what the general international public realizes, and Peter Jackson’s cash-in on it seems like pure publicity hunting to me.What’s worse to me is the hundreds of critics appraising the analogy in D9, while they themselves don’t know shit about what apartheid is really about. The Nigerian thing is also way overdone, and I feel it is insensitive seeing that there is already a general xenophobia in SA toward Nigerians.”

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